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There are numerous types of paints that are used. These are generally used as finishing in homes, offices and other buildings to add beauty, mood and tone to the room or building. Paints also provide protection to the buildings walls and ceiling. Paint or info maling online in Danish comes in different forms and types. There are those that are water-based while some are oil based paints. Paints can also be grouped as:
Interior Matt paints: these are water-based emulsion paints that are mainly used to paint ceilings and interior walls. Such paints are made from best quality pigments and resins to provide a beautiful smooth textures and color.
Soft Sheen paints: these paints are used to provide illuminating coat. It is also mainly used for interior walls as well as ceilings. The paint provides exceptionally tough finish thus is commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens.
Ceramic Matt paints: these paints are created using ceramic microsphere technology that makes the paint to have a classical beautiful and tough finish.
Based on which part of the room or building is being painted, paints can also be grouped as:
i) Wall and ceiling paints: are used to paint either interior or exterior walls as well as ceilings. Most of these paints are made from high quality emulsion that enables them to smoothly dry and produce a beautiful finish. Most wall paints especially used to paint the interior walls can be wiped when stained.
ii) Floor Paints: are mainly used when painting the floor. The choice of paint may depend on the types of floor, extent of exposure, performance requirements and the type of area.
Most of these paints are volatile and contain organic compounds that can adversely affect the indoor air conditions. However, currently there are numerous paint products that contain no harmful organic compounds or with low organic compounds. Most of these organic chemicals are added to extend the shelf life of the paints. Because of these, it is important to have the following in mind when carrying out painting:
While painting, ensure that the area of work is well ventilated.
When through with painting, the house or room should be left and not used for a while till the paint completely dries out. In cases where one cannot leave the room, avoid the painted room as much as possible.
After painting using latex paint, the brushes and rollers should be washed using soap and warm water. The water used should be poured down the sink and not where it may find its way to a main water source as the paint may have environmental effect.
Empty or used paint containers should be left open to dry before being disposed with the lids off.
If oil based paints have been used, rollers and brushes should be cleaned using solvents then the used solvent disposed as hazardous waste material.
The organic chemicals normally used in paints contribute to low indoor air quality before the paint completely dry. These compounds form part of the fumes smelled during painting and before the paint dry. This is because they change to gaseous form at room temperatures. They include benzene, vinyl chloride, mercury and ethylene glycol. This is very important information online paint that is essential for the painting process.

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