Roof damaged by water

Roofs are essential installations within buildings. They provide protection for the occupants as well as the rest of the building from adverse effects of weather. Roofs are available in varying designs which are attributed to various factors which includes environmental as well as the type of building being roofed. This means that to provide protection the roof is itself exposed to the adverse effects. When exposed to extreme weather condition for a long period of time, the roof will in some ways start deteriorating hence becoming weak over time. Rainstorms are among the major known causes of roof damage (vandskadet tag in Danish). The effect of the rainstorm may be instant defects which are visible after the rainstorm or defects which develop with item.

How rainstorm affects the rooftops

Rainstorm is usually heavy rain which is characterized by heavy rain, hail storms and wind. When either or all these occur, the roof is bound to get damaged in a way. This may be visible but even in instances when the damage is not visible, there is bound to be some weak points which are created.

Acid rain

In certain situation, acid rain occurs during rainstorms. Acid rain occurs when acidic particles in the atmosphere are fused into the water particles as they form. When this rain falls, it causes corrosion on the roofing material and hence weakening them in time. Areas which are normally characterized by acidic rain which comes in rainstorm are more prone to roof damages.

Determining roof damage caused by rainstorm

There may be need to ascertain if the damage on your roof is a direct result of rainstorm. There is need to maintain regular checks on your roof. The checks will help identify any unusual signs which might effectively be signs of a weakness developing. This should more so be carried out in the event after heavy rainstorms. The effect of rainstorms will appear differently on different rooftops and thus need to make a comprehensive checkup and indentify any changes or defects on the roof structures.

Signs for a damaged roof top

When carrying out inspection for a damaged roof. There are various signs which are ideal to look out for. They include sagging roof decks, water leakage dark spots and outer light showing through the roof. However minor damages may not portray these signs and thus will require a keener scrutiny to identify any defects. The mentioned signs may also not be visible from the ground or from top of the building meaning the exercise requires thorough screening.

Reasons for indentifying the cause of roof damage

Reasons for determination of the cause for damages vary between individuals and companies. Manufacturers normally require information regarding the performance of their products which form a platform for producing better products. There may be insurance covers for such damages for which the building owners may require to claim. In most circumstances this is a regular maintenance check which is tailored to ensure necessary steps are undertaken within the appropriate time. These maybe steps to improve on reinforcements and repairs. This will make the roof much stronger and thus positioning it to withstand future effects.

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